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The 70's Were the Future

The Starting Block- In the interest of full disclosure, I did not intend my initial incursion into the world of blogging to begin with a discussion of what is the worst movie that I ever saw, but in an effort to roll this out as organically as possible that is exactly what is about to follow. Meaning that, I'm not going to cherry pick the material that I cover. I'm going to write about this stuff as I trip over it and in all honesty I'm constantly tripping over stuff; hopefully some of it will be good. So here goes the great leap forward into the modern milieu of electronic editorializing, aka the blogosphere.

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Uncompromising, Unimportant, Un-Cola

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Sometimes the things that make you throw-up in your mouth a little are amusing...

The Cringe Bin

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Cinemania is one of our favorite sites devoted to all things B-Movie related. Their mantra is, "There are no bad movies, only bad audiences.
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