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State Of The Spider

In a nutshell 2023 has sucked hard. The brick & mortar side of the Epic Robo-Spider's biz has been essentially non existent. The brain gears are turning though and the store's concept will be addressed. I'm inclined to transition the space from a typical small store floorplan to gaming space. Job number one is to box up the merch in such a way that the items are organized by where they will be directed to for sale. Towards that end I foresee boxes that will be labeled For Flea Market, For Toy Shows, For Auction, etc. All of this will result in the store being a total wreck for a time. Oh well, I guess there's no time like the present to get started.

The Epic Robo-Spider is going from being a shop to becoming a local spot to get your game on
Boxing up the shop commences...


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