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The Killing of Satan (1983)

Let me suggest that before I start going into my diatribe about the movie, please take a moment to watch the trailer. You won't regret it.

Now check out the poster which just oozes with exploitation movie awesomeness.

Poster for The Killing of Satan

The narrator in the trailer states that The Killing of Satan is, "a ferociously intense and absorbing revelation" and I can't argue with that. I mean like look at that poster! It's like a homage to every Frazetta masterpiece ever made. I'm honestly thinking about getting that tattooed on my back. As for the movie itself, I loved it. Sure it's treacherously bad, but everything that is bad about it is just what makes it so damn good. There's really no good reason not to watch it- it's on Amazon Prime as well as You Tube for free. The elevator pitch synopsis of the movie is about as straightforward as a movie gets. Middle-aged, handyman looking dude, Lando, has to fight an evil magician and ultimately duels with the devil. No, this isn't any metaphorical fight with Satan; our hero actually dukes it out with Satan himself. There's also plenty of snake twisting, magical laser beam shooting, rotating head and caged booby action along the way for even the most discerning schlock horror aficionado. My only regret about The Killing of Satan is that my chances of ever finding a VHS copy of this gem is probably slim to none. Now get onto You Tube and start watching The Killing of Satan.

The ultimate battle of good vs. evil

The Ultimate Battle Between Good & Evil!

Oh, There'll be Some Snake Twistin' Alright

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