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Return of The Dust To Dawn Horrorthon!

Erratum, according to the advertisement it's actually a HORRO-THON and we all know a HORRO-THON beats a horrorthon any day. However these weren't just any days though, these were the early 70's when Drive-Ins were cultural meccas, bastions of high B-Movie art and (S)Exploitatation cinema. They were also the forum in which contests of sheer human will were staged- the movie marathon. Check out this page from Scary Monsters Magazine #49 which compiles an assortment of back in the day double features and beyond from the Chicagoland area. If you're like me (God forbid) the nostalgic side of you probably wishes to go back in time to partake in these glorious creep-fest campaigns, but lets face it they were staged at drive-ins and it was the seventies; we'd probably be too wasted to get out of the car trunk let alone watch any of these features in their entirety. Nowadays, thanks to the interwebs and You Tube connected flat panels, we can recreate these Champagne of Beer filled days and stage our own fright fests in the comfort of our own living rooms just like George Jetson will in the near future. Our first stop will be "Women of the Prehistoric Planet"....

Drive-In Horror Movie Marathons

Happy Batman Day Fair Citizens of Gotham!

Batman Day 2016