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In the Interest of Brevity...

Here goes a quick rundown of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly that I've found out there in the digital wilderness this week. I'm pleasantly surprised to find a ton of great B-rates on Amazon. The key for me has been to find a title that I'm familiar with and then search the Customers Also Watched tab. Along those lines I found a real gem in Messiah of Evil. Admittedly, I was embarrassed to having just found this flick now. As one who prides himself with the idea that I was well versed in the 70's grind-house genre I now fear that I should be busted all the way back down to the plebeian ranks. I say this because after a cursory search for some info on the movie I found out what a classic this one really is. Bottom line is see it. I hope to do a more in depth discussion on this one; it certainly warrants more attention. Next up and also on Amazon was the Devils of Darkness. In a nutshell I'll say, "eh". It's okay, but you get the overwhelming feeling that it's trying to be a Hammer movie, but just misses the mark. Still if you're a sixties British horror or vampire genre completest you'll probably want to check it out. Finally there was an early Christopher Lee offering titled Terror in the Crypt. It can be summed up in two words- American International. It's far from good, however I enjoyed it anyway. I couldn't help it mostly because it had so many of the genre elements that would become standard in the horror movies that were to follow it, but at the time of its release could only be hinted at due to their perceived controversial nature. It's chock full of lesbian laced Satanism without ever coming out and saying, "hey folks what you're seeing here is lesbian laced Satanism." Of course it may be through my prism only and in actuality has nothing to do with lesbianism or Satanism at all. No matter, that's what I saw and I hope you do to. Well, that's just three brief descriptions and we're already at a fairly sized paragraph and so as to keep within the parameters set forth by the title of this little ditty I'll cut it here. Please, if you're an Amazon Prime customer and dig the creepy, do some searching of your own and let us know what you find. Tschüss.

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