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Shaun Cassidy Was Goofy Looking

All apologies to Mr. Cassidy (surely he is old enough now and has enough kids that most people call him Mr. by now), but I thought that would get your attention. Granted he was probably on the cover of every issue of Teen Beat in 1977, yet my first impression of seeing his mug on the resurrected Hardy Boy & Nancy Drew Mysteries on Netflix was, " Dang Joe Hardy is goofy looking." Be that as it may, and my goofiness assertion was confirmed by my wife, it hasn't prevented me from enjoying these episodes again. Certainly its mix of teen sleuthing. sci-fi and horror elements made me a weekly viewer back on Sunday nights in '77- '79 when it was the lead in show to Battlestar Galactica, a fact that certainly helped its cause as well . Seeing the opening title sequence with the "3-D" maze, eerie music and recognizable voice-over actor announcing the episode's title is a blast from the past and the pulpy stories provide enough material for all of your very own MST3K improvisation. A quick internet search of the show for some background info has made it a lock that I will be adding these re-runs to my viewing schedule. I say that because the list of guest stars reads like a who's who of actors from T.V. shows and films that are typically identified with the pop culture scene nowadays. No doubt the acting from show's leads will never be held in the same esteem as Carol O'Connor's or Raymond Burr's, but that shouldn't keep you from checking it out. I would even go as far to say that if you enjoy The Night Stalker then The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries is must see T.V.. And why not follow up your video excursions with the Hardy brothers and Ms. Drew with Commander Adama just like it was in 1977? Who knows, perhaps coupled with the right freaky cosmic anomaly it all could bring the Ramones back from the grave. That's enough for me, long live '77.

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